Tres Ritos Boy Scout camp

Tres Ritos


The last few weeks I have spent a lot of time at boy scout camp. The latest one was Tres Ritos up in New Mexico. It was for the most part a good experience. It was a two and a half week long camp. There were two separate camp weeks and a staff week that was 3 days long. The first week went great. Most of the kids were good . But the second week was… not as good. We were all tired and we were getting tired of each other. The biggest problem with the second week was that we had a little mishap the Saturday of the previous week when all the campers were gone and had to send some staff home. So all during the first part of the second week we were looking for some people to take their positions. It all worked out and the campers enjoyed it non the less and looking forward to post next year.

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