Morning Prayers April 28, 2009

Audio of Morning Prayers April 28, 2009.

Psalm 63:2-9; Daniel 3:57-88, 56; Psalm 149; 1 John 5:3-5

Today we remember Saint Peter Chanel, who patiently preached Christ and the Gospel to the natives of Futuna. By his preaching of Christianity, he destroyed the cult of the evil spirits, which the chieftains of the Futunians encouraged in order to keep the tribe under their rule. This was the reason they subjected Peter to a most cruel death, hoping that by killing him the seeds of the Christian religion which he had sowed would be annihilated… within a few years of his martyrdom, the entire people of Futuna were converted to the faith of Christ, and many of the other islands of Oceania also now claim Saint Peter Chanel as their first martyr.

From ancient times the Church has had the custom of celebrating each day the Liturgy of the Hours, also known as the Divine Office. In this way the Church fulfills the Lord’s precept to pray without ceasing, at once offering its praise to God the Father and interceding for the salvation of the world. Join me in praying the Liturgy of the Hours today and throughout the Easter season.

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