Scores of US Bishops issue statements on Abortion

Apparently it’s difficult to understand why 50 million murders is a more grave issue that 50 million uninsured, or why 1.3 million babies murdered in a single year (2000) outweighs 1.3 million US properties foreclosed in 2007. Perhaps the human mind just can’t comprehend that much evil, so we block it out in an effort to avoid the guilt of having failed to do everything in our power to bring it to an end. As long as we maintain the fiction that we don’t realize that abortion is murder, we can preserve our self-righteous facade.

In light of this apparent difficulty, Whispers in the Loggia has collected statements by bishops of the Roman Catholic Church on abortion and the role this issue plays in the 2008 elections. In short, 63 diocesan and 19 auxiliaries (out of 197 dioceses and 250 bishops/auxiliaries/coadjutors) have issued statements to the effect that no issue can trump that of the sanctioned murder of 1.3 million babies each year.

Here’s a snapshot of that list, with cardinals and archbishops in order of seniority and all others alphabetically by name of diocese. Keep an eye on Whispers in the Loggia for updates as you consider and discuss this critical issue.

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