Leadership and Followership(?) styles

One of the least effective leadership styles is to stand at the goal and say “Come on y’all, hurry up, catch up with me.” Likewise, one of the least effective emulation styles is to look at the goal and take a different route than those who have reached the goal in the past. A leader must not only identify a goal, but also provide daily direction and support to those striving towards that goal. Those seeking a goal must make daily decisions consistent with the one whom they follow.

As usual, Jesus is an excellent example of the more excellent approach. As a leader, He defined a goal and method of achieving that goal, and provides us with help for our day-to-day decisions.  Jesus sets an excellent example of a follower also. He didn’t do things on His own, and wasn’t shy about saying that He did only those things that His father instructed. He kept the goal (…the joy set before him…) in mind, and His eyes on the goal-setter.

Too often, we act like Jesus just defined a goal and a method, and fail to seek the daily assistance of the helper He requested on our behalf. We can’t expect to reach the goal He did if we don’t take the same approach to our daily life as He did to His.

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