Jesus is for Everyone

Jesus is for everyone

I was at “the evil store” (WalMart), and ran into an old high-school buddy. He had long-since settled down, and was a committed Christ-follower. Somehow, this surprised me. Holy Spirit had to smack me on the back of the head and remind me that everyone needs Jesus; there is no ‘type of person’ targeted for salvation other than ‘sinners,’ and, ‘all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Rom 3:23).

Even a quick survey of Acts shows all types of people coming to know Jesus. For me, the universality of God’s salvific plan is one of Acts’ strongest messages.

* Rich (Property Owners Acts 4:32-37)
* Poor (Beggar Acts 3:1-10)
* Young (Acts 2:17)
* Old Acts 2:17 , Simeon and Anna (Lk 2:25-38)
* Any Race or culture ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8:27) , Samaritains Acts 8:4-8
* Educated Stephen (Acts 6:8-10) and Paul
* Uneducated Peter/John (Acts 4:13)
* Religious Cornelius (Acts 10:1-6,34-35), Priests (Acts 6:7)
* Heathen Corinthians
* Curious (Acts 8:31)
* Opposed/Critical Saul (Acts 9)
* Cool/Popular Leaders of the Synagogue (Acts 18:8), and Lydia, vendor of the most popular clothing (Acts 16:14)
* Uncool/Outcast Simon the tanner (Acts 9:43)

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