Healed one minute and serving the next – What gives?

Luke 4:38-39 relates that Simon’s mother in law was ill, so they asked Jesus to heal her. He did so, and she immediately got up and served them. The first time I noticed this it seemed strange that the sick woman was immediately serving. Upon reflection, however, it makes perfect sense.

After experiencing the miraculous intervention of the Lord, our tendency is to congratulate ourselves for our effective prayer (I must be on the right track since He responded to my prayer), bemoan our former misery (ohh, it was so difficult), coast over-long on the experience, or seek another vice (a demon cast out returns, finds the house empty, and takes up residence with 7 more wicked than itself).

When the Lord heals us from our physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual infirmity, he does so in order to make us fit for service (2 Timothy 2:19-21). He doesn’t polish pots to hang on a pot-hanger, he cleans, repairs, restores, and remakes us in order to fill us with His Spirit and pour us out to those around us for His glory.

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