Update 1 on blog.euphemos.com tools, technologies, and service providers

Hey, here’s a quick update on my experience with domains through www.godaddy.com, web hosting with www.webhost4life.com, and dasBlog.

Domain purchasing through www.godaddy.com went smoothly and quickly. My only complaint there is that the young man who made a courtesy call to confirm that everything was ok was extremely bored and unprofessional. My wife answered the phone and found him to be… lame. I think it is great that GoDaddy.com makes a courtesy call, but it is somewhat pointless if the caller is unprofessional. The only other negative I can offer about www.godaddy.com is that I found their a la carte hosting options inconvenient and, for the feature set I needed, more expensive than I expected.

Web hosting with www.webhost4life.com was equally smooth. I received the necessary information (login, DNS, etc.) more quickly than I expected, and had no problems pointing domains to the server. The online help addressed the few minor issues I had, and I found the webhost4life control panel to provide all of the functionality I needed. I like being able to set my own permissions and ASP.NET application directories, and setting up email addresses for www.euphemos.com was very simple. The only things that I found mildly irritating (although common with hosting companies) is the extra charge to direct other domains (e.g. euphemos.org and euphemos.net).

So, that leaves dasBlog. Gotta say the documentation, where it exists, stinks. All-in-all though, it has been remarkably easy to build, tweak, and get up and running. dasBlog 1.7.5016.2 seems pretty responsive, stable, and the feature set is looking good. I’ll be curious to see what Scott Watermasysk does with .text (dotText), and what happens when telligentsystems releases CommunityServer::Blogs, but right now I have got to say that dasBlog appears to be the ASP.NET open source blog of choice. I would like to see enhanced documentation on features, what the configuration settings do, and more “how do I… with dasBlog” type of questions. I suppose that whining means I should look into submitting some content the wiki that Omar has been kind enough to host until there’s an official one at www.dasblog.net.

Easy as pie so far, and no complaints with webhost4life and www.godaddy.com prices and services.

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